Google Sky Map – Planetarium in your Hand – for Identifying Stars & Discovering Planets


On the occasion of Chandrayan -2 Moon Landing,
I would like to introduce you
Google Sky Map App - Planetarium in Your Hand for Identifying Stars and Discovering Planets.

Sky Map

Google Sky Map an App developed by Google presently donated to Open Source and known as Sky Map.

We can Watch Live Position of all the
Stars and Planets along with Constellations, Galaxies & Horizon Line with this App.

All we have to do is
install & Open the App
and hold the mobile and move to view the Planetarium... a wonderful journey starts here for all those who loves Star Gazing and interested in the Space.

Let us Explore the Sky Map...

Installing & Opening the App :

Get this App at Google Play ( by Clicking below button)

Open App
Accept Terms
Start the Journey

Exploring the Sky Map :

Hold the Mobile on to the sky and move the mobile to see the Live

Options (Layers) :

We can On / Off Layers which shows different items on the screen

-Stars -Constellations -Galaxies -Planets -Meteor Showers -Horizon line
-Meteor Showers
-Horizon line

Search Star, Planet or Constellation :

There is an option to Search any Star or Planet or Constellation... by tapping on the Search icon and entering the text.

it will guide us with a navigator with an arrow... we have to rotate the mobile towards that arrow to get the searched item.
Search Button

Night Mode for the Safety of your Eyes :

Yes there is a Night Mode option with EYE Icon on the top right tapping this will turn the display color to red for safe viewing in the night.
Night Mode Button

Manual Mode :

There is an Icon in the right side of the screen in the middle, tapping which we can change the app to manual mode,

in the manual mode instead of moving the mobile, we have to drag the screen with our finger for locating or exploring the space.
Manual Mode Button

Other Options :

There are several other options in the menu(with ... 3 dots) on the top right

which gives us
-Time Travel,
-Calibrate and etc.
Settings for Location,Sound, Statistics & Sensors available here
Diagnostics : to check the device , location and sensor information
Gallery : Gives us some Images with Direct locating button
Calibrate : for calibrating our mobile if correct directions not shown

just follow the instructions and move your mobile as seen in this window in figure 8 method

Time Travel : Takes us to Past or Future for exploring stars and space in the given time or pre-defined events like Apollo 11 Moon Landing day, Next Morining, Next Evening , Solar Eclipse Day etc

Check this video how Time Travel takes us in to the past / future

It's really a good app for showing real time locations of all the elements in the space

must have app for all those kids, students and parents to explore and study the wonderful space.

Hope this post is useful to you,
I will come with the review of another good app in the coming posts... good day.