Little Alchemy 2 -Best Game of Creativity for the Little Genius of your Family…

Little Alchemy 2 - Best Game of Creativity for the Little Genius of your Family...

Do you think Kids Playing on Mobile or PC
is waste of time? 
then you need to change your opinion...

Yes every one will change their opinion
once they come across A Game,
which makes your kid to think creatively.

and the Game is...

Little Alchemy 2

Little alchemy is the game developed for the Kids of All Ages...

Creating New Elements from the given 4 Basic Elements is the Challenge... and up to now there are 720 Elements can be created including Human 🙂

It's really fun to create new elements

the Basic Elements are,


Little Alchemy 2 is a free game. You can get it for IOS and Android or you can play online

How to play Little Alchemy2?

1. Open Little Alchemy --> Click Play then

2. Select a basic element and Drag the element into screen on the left side of the device

3. Take another element and cover the first element

We can get a new element by combining them

Try to make new elements by merging other elements

Use already created Elements to Create New Elements...

Go on thinking.... and create New Elements...

Double Clicking the Element duplicates the Element

we can find elements by
clicking the Search Icon and typing

We can Create almost all the Elements... check these

creativity... mixed with anxiety helps to create more and more elements.

If the screen is filled totally with the elements,

click on Clean up icon on the left corner of the screen it will clear the screen

to find how many elements we have created out of 720

click the encyclopedia icon

We have settings for

Mute Music,


Clean up Screen,

Reset Progress
(Deletes All the Elements,
starting the Game again)


Login Options

Little Alchemy 2 not only helps to develop Creative Thinking,

it also helps to relieve stress and anxiety...

Link for Downloading

Click below Button to download for android

Click below Button for Playing Online

Hope this post guides all those Little Genius at your home...

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