Google Spotlight Stories-a fascinating app soon to go off lights!!!

Google Spotlight Stories

Google Spotlight Stories is an application which enables 360 degree view to its audience and enhances the on screen experience by creating an immersive 3D environment and eliminating interaction with the real world.Introduction of Spotlight was none less than winning a lottery to the viewers.

VR View Of Stories

With this App you will feel your Smartphone as a mobile movie theatre in your pocket.The viewers can experience the stories in VR and explore the story.The app is designed for entertainment purpose.Children enjoy Spotlight Stories than Youtube videos because in Spotlight you can move around the story as if you are on the screen.

Emmy-award winner

This Google Spotlight Studio has become 2017 Emmy-award winner for its outstanding innovation in interactive storytelling in a story called “Pearl”.This is developed for story-telling in Mobile 360 and Mobile VR.Viewers move their mobile device around to view any part of the story they’re most interested in.

Available in Android and Ios

This App is available to Android and Ios devices. The app was first available only for Motorola devices, after which it started rolling out widely in May 2015. This App is free for both Android and iOS platforms.

Animation featuring fantastic storytelling and music

Not only this is a video viewer,but an innovative approach to how we watch videos.The movies currently displayed are interesting and are beautifully animated featuring fantastic storytelling and music.

Some of the films are “HELP,Special Delivery,Back To The Moon,On Ice etc…”.These films were uploaded recently and they are really entertaining.

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