Don’t miss your STOP!

Use These Apps

Afraid to miss some destinations?

Ever missed your stop on public transport, because you were enjoying your music or books?

Ever forgot something to do along the way to somewhere?

There are numerous location alarm apps to help in such situations,
Let’s know more about these apps and their usage.

Set some destinations, and this alarm will remind you when you approach them. You can set notification in status bar, vibrate your phone, and choose an alarm sound you like, or even let voice remind you. Then, take the road!

Features Of Location Alarm Apps

Location To Alert

Location Alarm Apps use your location to alert you when you reach your destination. These are especially useful for long journeys during which you might want to take a nap.

Customization options

Location Alarm Apps comes with a range of features and customization options! Be sure to check the
tips section of the app.

Uses your GPS location

Location Alarm Apps on the other hand uses your real-time GPS location. It is therefore rightly named Location Alarm or GPS Alarm.This means you can rest assured you will be woken only when you are near your destination.

Keep track of your location

Location Alarm Apps is like a location tracker – it keeps track of your location in the background while you rest and will wake you up when you reach your destination.

Location Alarm Apps

Naplarm - Location Alarm / GPS Alarm
Nap Alarm

Location Alarm
Location Alarm

Wake Me There - GPS Alarm
Wake Me There

Alarm-Me ( Location Alarm / GPS Alarm )

Hope This Post Is Useful To All Those Employees And Students When They Are In Journey.

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