What should you avoid while talking to an unknown person over the PC?

What should you avoid while talking to an unknown person over the PC?


While Talking to the Stranger Online… be careful and avoid these things


  • Avoid Sharing Personal Information

      • it is not advisable to share personal information which leads to unnecessary problems like blackmailing, taking advantage of personal things and misusing personal information provided

      • so never share Personal Information like,

        • Mobile Number
        • Contact Information
        • Email
        • Address
        • Real Name
        • Parents Information
        • Working Address
  • Avoid Sharing Photos

      • the first mistake people do when talking to a stranger is sharing profile pic or DP or photo, which is dangerous to share
      • so never share Photos and Videos of,

        • Yourself
        • Your Friends
        • Your Family
        • Your Home
        • Your Office
        • Your Colleagues
        • Your Parties
  • Avoid Sharing Your ID

      • ID Card sharing may lead to impersonation and illegal access to your personal things
      • so never share ID Card of,

        • Your Work ID
        • Your School ID
        • Your Library ID
        • Your Voter ID
        • Any other National ID which shows your photo and address
  • Avoid Sharing Your Interests

      • Sharing interests some times gives access to the stranger to get more information about you or your location
      • so never share your Interests like,

        • Places you like and mostly visit
        • Your favorite Restaurant or Coffee shop
        • Your Gaming Zone
        • Your Websites, where you share your information as a member
  • Avoid Sharing Social Media Presence

      • Sharing Social media information gives access to all other social media information and personal information
      • so never share,

        • Your Facebook  account
        • Your Instagram hashtag
  • Avoid Sharing Passwords

      • Sharing passwords give access to all your accounts
      • so never share,

        • Your Google Password – which gives access to almost all your data which is present on your mobile, and your contacts information, etc.
        • Your Bank Account Passwords
        • Your Social Media Account Passwords
        • Your Online Account Passwords

that’s it for now, I will add more information

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