CDBrowswer – CD/DVD/USB/Disk/Folder Snapshot tool Freeware

it’s a Free cataloguer of  CDs, DVDs, USB Drives, Disk Partitions and Folders

useful to take a snapshot of a CD/DVD or USB Drive or Disk Drive or Folder
after taking the snapshot files in the Drives can be easily searched and found through this Application.

  • Install the tool,
  • Start  Load Default Database
  • Add New CD DVD OR Drive
  • then Remove the CD/DVD or USB Pendrive…

We can now Access all those files listing in our tool by searching or browsing in CDBrowser…

Download Setup file or zip file to install CDBrowser

Download Setup file (4.60MB)

Download zip file(4.48MB)



Add New CD/DVD/Drive
Add New CD/DVD/Drive
Load Database
Load Default Database or Saved Database

Take Backup

Search for contents of CDs/DVDs/Drives
Search for contents of CDs/DVDs/Drives