How to Use Mail Merge feature in MS WORD(TELUGU) Video Lesson by Sujismartsolutions

How to Use Mailmerge in MS Word to Create Customized Letters, Labels, Hall Tickets, Student Report Cards, Invitations with the database already available. Create Mail Merge to thousands of Recipients at a time with simple and easy steps with Examples


Mail Merge is a tool in Microsoft Word to create Personalized Letters, Invitations and many more with the already available database in excel or any other database format.

This video explains step by step how to create a mail merge with different examples.

Steps in Creating Mail Merge:

  1.  Create a Letter or an Invitation Template
  2. Link Database (selecting from Excel Sheet)
  3. Place Name Fields in the already created Template
  4. Generate Letters

Examples in this video are:

  • Letters Invitations
  • Labels
  • Hall Tickets
  • Progress Cards

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