How to Resize a photo in MS Paint without using Photoshop or any other Online Tool


Many Websites allows photo upload size up to 100kb or 50kb So, We Need to Resize our photo to 50kb for uploading purpose

Whenever we think about photo editing or cropping or resizing,

the first question we will have in our mind is


How to Resize a Photo in MS Paint?
without using Photoshop
or any other online tool

Yes, we can Resize a photo  without using Photoshop
 or any other Online Tool 

We can Edit, Crop, Resize photos with Microsoft Paint an inbuilt application in Microsoft Window,

Let us See how to Resize our Photo using Micro Soft Paint 

Check the Video how to resize photo with MS Paint

  • STEP 1

Open Photo in MS Paint for Editing 

for this 

Right Click Photo and Click Edit

By default, Photo will be opened in MS Paint…

if not opened?

Open MS Paint and Open Photo from there.



  • Photo Dimensions
  • Photo Size


Click Resize Icon


Change Resize Options in Resize and Skew Window

Select Percentage or Pixels

Change Horizontal Value ( decrease the value )

Vertical Value will be automatically changed as Maintain aspect ratio is checked


Click OK, and Save the File 


Now Check File Size in the Status bar of MS Paint Window

If Not Satisfied with the Size,

Press Undo Button, 

and Repeat 

Step 3 to 5 

with Horizontal Value Change

Now Check File Size Again

That’s it.. we have done. We got our desired file size.

We can easily upload the file to <50kb required website.


We need to change the Resize Horizontal Value for acquiring desired file size

as we are decreasing file dimensions here, we may lose picture quality

for better quality resized picture we have to use either Photoshop or use any online photo resizing tool like

Check all the steps in the below video

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