1 App to Save kids from mobile…Kaspersky Safe Kids


As we know these days it’s mandatory to every kid to use mobile for searching content for their project works or for any other reason…

but how safe it is to hand over mobile to kids?

Whenever they use any browser on the mobile it takes them to undesirable websites,

so how to stop this?

there are many tools in the market,

but the one I suggest is Kasperksy Safe Kids,

YES! This is the 1 App to Save Kids from Mobile

I have been this using for the last couple of years and very much satisfied with this.

Save your kid from mobile with this tool. By blocking them from opening or viewing undesired websites or links.

Kasperksy Safe Kids is available at play store also available iOS version but with limited features on iOS.

We can download and use the free version from Play Store.

also, we can buy Kasperksy Safe Kids (offer Price Rs.309 Original Price Rs.999)

which includes GPS Tracking of kids and many more features.

s in Websites[/caption]

What we can do with Kaspersky Safe Kids:

  • We can set and manage Screen time of kids
  • Block Access to Adult & Bank Websites(We  can permit them whenever we feel it is ok for some websites)
  • Take Report of public Facebook activity and newly added friends information

Kaspersky Safe Kids

How to use this?:

Only 3 Steps to Configure

  • STEP 1 : Install Kaspersky Safe Kids App on both the Child Mobile and Parent Mobile.
  • STEP 2 : Register with My Kasperksy Account through this App
  • STEP 3 : Login at Parent Mobile and Kid’s Mobile,
    • with the same User email and Password (Don’t let the kid know this password)

that’s it! we have done!

Now Parents can manage child’s app settings and check reports on parent mobile.

Check These Screenshots


Blocks unsafe websites
When Blocked Website
Reporting Parent
Reporting Parent

Summary of Kids Activities

Kaspersky Safe Kids Features

Kaspersky Safe Kids Features
Web Activity and Safe Search Options
Kaspersky Safe Kids Features
Blocking Website Types
Kaspersky Safe Kids Features
Exclusions in Websites

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