Best Websites For School Going Kids & Their Parents-Part2

Best Websites For School Going Kids & Their Parents-Part2 is the Continuation for the Part1 posted earlier…

In this article I am going to introduce 2 more useful websites for Kids.

websites for helping kids to complete their home work or projects and also enable them to speed up the learning process.

Today's websites are:


WHAT IS is the Resource Center with up-to-date maps for students, which can be used for completing home work or projects.

as on today, contains

243766 maps,
each one proposed in6 graphic formats
Total : 1462596 files

We can find newly formed states maps contains

-World and Oceans,
-Mediterranean sea,
-Oceania &
-Historical Maps

Many Languages

Maps available in English, Hindi and 9 more Languages , but the labeling is in English Only

Huge List of Maps

There is a huge list of MAPS of all kinds available for each state and each country with up-to-date information

See how many maps available only for TELANGANA STATE...

Different formats

Maps available in 6 different formats for downloading including Vector Graphics formats of Adobe Illustrator, CDR, SVG etc.

Complete Maps at One Place

We can easily find any map... this is the BEST RESOURCEof Maps found on the Internet.

Many other websites are there but this is the simple and easy to find and easy to use website moreover Everything here is FREE...

Check these Maps

Check these different maps with outline and colors

Ready to Print PDF Format

PDF format for ready to print

Things to Remember

Asper website T&C,
*All the maps in this website are copyright protected.
They are modifiable, free for any use - even commercial - under the following conditions:
-The exact URL where the original map comes from must be mentioned
-The number of maps is limited to 10 per publication (website, DVD, Book...)


-Easy to Find
-Different formats
-Print Ready
-Wonderful Resource for each and Every Map



Visit and Check yourself... you will never disappointed at this website.

2. learnenglishkids.

WHAT IS LearnEnglishKids?

Website Name itself describes what it is for...

LearnEnglish Kids by the British Council, with
the world's English teaching experts.
lots of free online games,
stories and activities for children.

For parents,
They have
articles on supporting children in learning English,
videos on using English at home and information about face-to-face courses around the world.

Yes It is the BEST English Learning Website for Kids of all ages.

Here we can find

-Short Stories,
-Word Games,
-Articles &
-A to Z Topics

Word Games and Video Zone

English Courses available for almost all the countries

Courses offered for Indian Kids

LearnEnglishTeens also available for college students

LearnEnglishKids not only for Students, this is the resource for English Teachers


Overall this is the Best Website for Learning English for Kids,Teens and also Teachers



Check it yourself...

I will come with some more websites
in part 3 of Best Websites for Kids

Thank you...

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