Want to know about the places you have visited? Don’t do any hard work just open….Google Maps Timeline

Want to know about the places you have visited? Don’t do any hard work just open….Google Maps Timeline


GOOGLE MAPS TIMELINE is sort of like a life log tool.It tracks all the places you've visited over a specific period of time.It helps us to know the places which we have visited.You can find YOUR TIMELINE in the menu of Google Maps.

Google Timeline is less-known feature in Google Maps.So I have choosen it as my article for today to make everybody know about this feature in Google Maps.

Your Timeline in Google Maps helps you,
easily remember and visualize the places you’ve been on a given day,
month or year — providing a useful map of your life.

This feature helps you visualize your real-world routines, easily view the trips you’ve taken and get a glimpse of the places you spend your time.

The places you travel will be recorded by Google Timeline and will show you when ever you want to see.Your Timeline is private and visible only to you and you can also control the locations you choose to keep.

Your Timeline shows

Advantages Of Timeline

You can acquire the data of the places visited by you

Based on your location history, the timeline page reflects immediately the number of places you have been visited. This can either be true or semi-true based on how you have enabled or disabled your location history, also, this can depend on the start time that you had enabled the location history.

You can generate a visual representation of your Location History

Google Maps make a visual representation on map to make you know about the places you vist.You can generate a scratch map of places visited by you using Google Maps Timeline.

You can Edit and Add locations as needed

For documentation purposes, it is awesome to know that a user has the ability to edit or add places on certain dates. Clicking on More Trips jumps right into a page with statistics with a Map highlighting the islands visited on certain dates. On the left-hand side is a graph with the number of places visited and to be corrected. If you click on one, it will show up a new page, the route taken, the correction needed and more details about it.

The only concern is that if anyone knows your Google Account,then they can have access to your Google Maps Timeline and can see places visted by you and can also edit the places.

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You can also disable your timeline if you don't want Google to record your movements. To do this you should go to your timeline page, and in the Settings menu and go to Location History and turn off "Location History" and then select “Pause Location History" which will pause recording your movements until you Turn on Location History option.

Let us See how to Disable


Google Timeline is Enabled by default...

People who need to hide their location history

Hope this post helps you.

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